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I Look At You ...

IIlook at You 

And you’re the Force 

For thoughts beyond 

My daily course. 


A source beyond 

That which I know; 

The more I look 

The more I’m shown. 


I’m shown a world 

Where love abounds 

And in that world 

the Source surrounds. 


The Source is love, 

The Source is all, 

And to it’s heart 

Our dreams do call 


The Source is you, 

The Source is me, 

It is all that we can see. 

And yet it’s more 

Than meets the eye, 

The Source is what 

We feel inside. 


It reaches down, up and around 

The Source is all, 

It does abound 

Showing light inside and out 

The Source is all 

There is no doubt 


The Source is you 

The Source is me 

It is everything 

We’re meant to be 


So look at me … 

And I’ll look at you 

And we will both see - 

The Source is truth 

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