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It's Great to Want What You Want

It’s great to want what you want when you want it,

It’s great to forge ahead with your dreams.

So many men fail to achieve their desires,

Yet the goal of success ain’t so hard as it seems.


First relax, and enjoy what you’ve got

Then figure out what you are lacking

The more you let go, the more you let God

The more likely you’ll get what you’re asking.


We all have a dream of what we would like

And dream everyday we must

But sometimes we let that dream slip away

And find it has turned into dust.


Some of us never have had a dream

Or maybe we did and forgot

We strive and we work, with no goal in sight

We spin our wheels quite a lot.

So, it seems that we need two things to succeed

A plan and a very real goal

Something we want and a way to get it

Setting sights and taking control.


A dreamer’s a dreamer

A doer does deeds

Somewhere in the middle

The two have to meet.

The doer gets done

What the other just dreams

And the dreamer gives meaning

To the doers extremes.

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