Rabbi Bonny Grosz - Pastoral and Spiritual Counseling & Guidance
Rabbinic & Life Cycle Services
Brit Milah/Baby Naming
All ceremonies are customized to the family's needs while
maintaining the necessary elements of tradition.
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Study & Ceremony
Programs are customized to the needs of the student and the family
according to the level of education of the student and the situation
of the family. Learning includes general Jewish studies in addition to
Hebrew skills and community service work.
Showing sensitivity to the variety of lifestyles and cultural traditions in
our world, Rabbi Bonny will help you to plan this most important and joyful ceremony adapting to your needs within the richness of Jewish tradition. 
Funerals, Unveilings & Memorial Services
With compassion and careful attention to the needs of the family,
Rabbi Bonny will help you to plan a service to honor your loved one.
Creative Life Event Rituals
A meaningful ritual using integrated traditions can be created to celebrate/commemorate significant live events such as moving into
a new home, moving from one stage of life to another ....  
can be scheduled with the Rabbi.
Rabbinic Services also include hospital visits, hospice counseling for not only the patient, but also their family members.
for a fee schedule, contact rabbi@bonnygrosz.com